How email is hurting your business, and 3 quick fixes

One of the companies I worked previously with has crores of users, who have signed up with their email IDs to use the service.


This company is a digital payment platform, which sends emails every time a user makes a transaction. And users make payments several times a day using this app platform.


Well and good. But the problem is:


Your emails are only of transactional value for its customers. 


That means you spend a lot of money setting up automated emails, which users delete immediately. 


What value is your email adding to the customer when the app itself is confirming the transaction, and there’s an SMS confirmation on top of it?


The bigger problem is, it becomes a habit for your customers to ignore and delete your emails, because they’re not adding any additional value.


What if it’s creating a feeling in customers that your emails are a nuisence?


You’re creating a bad feeling about your brand for them, isn’t it?


So how do you take a u-turn and make the most of your emails?


Solution: Send valuable content to your customers through emails.


According to, you get 66 USD per every 1 USD spent on email. In comparison to any social media platform, email open rate and CTR is huge. So, create content for your subscribers and keep a conversation going, even when they’re not buying.


Create a strategy for regular emails and weekly digests where you send emails to your customers, that add value to their life. Give them knowledge about products and services, and tell them how to use them for best benefits.


For example, if you have sold them an appliance, write an email about simple tricks to make the best use of the appliance. Add some wow-factors in the email.


But, if you want to create a long-term email strategy, you need to do another thing –  content marketing.


Content marketing is creating a good number of valuable content that’s published in the form of help or blog on your web platform. (The longform content with detailed help is better.)


When you have created that content, you can use the same to write emails, social media posts and video stories. The content that you publish on your blog/help section becomes the building block for both your email marketing and social media strategy.


So, we discussed going beyond transactional emails to create some value-adding emails. 


But there’s a problem even with your content rich emails. They may not be read even if the customers open your emails. Because your emails lack personality.


(Your subscribers are the people who have already made business with you. They’re potential repeat customers, and if you can work to build a deeper impression about your brand in them, you can turn them into loyal customers. That’s what content marketing does.)


  1. Template format and business jargon


There’s no personality in your emails.


Who best can talk about your product and service if it’s not you? 


You’re launching new services every month on your app, but you’re not using the email platform to educate the already-in users. 


The company spent close to a billion dollar on advertising. And it was necessary looking at the scale at which it is expanding in India. 


But what about the users that have already signed up? Are you keeping them engaged with added value through your blog posts and guides that are sent through the email? Not enough.

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