Hi, I’m Raghavendra, the founder and the Managing Editor of ThinQproduct.

I’m a post-graduate in Mass Communication and Journalism. I started my career with Indian Express (TNIE) and later worked with Yahoo! India (online media), Google India and PhonePe (Localization), among others.

But my interest has always been in studying spiritual and psychological methods to understand the secrets of the human mind, the path of success and life’s deeper questions (ok, let’s discuss that later). Over a few years of this study, I realized that the most basic and inherent need of human beings is not Yoga, or Bhakti or even fine arts.

It’s the ACTION, that’s the most inherent thing every living being craves for. Because life is about action – from the day you took your first breath, till you take the last.

For plants and animals, there’s an inbuilt mechanism that makes them act. But for human beings, there’s a big hurdle – the mind. If you use the mind properly, that’s the biggest boon. But, if you don’t that’s the worst enemy. So, if the mind is properly used and ACTION is performed – that itself becomes a meditation. And solves a lot of basic problems for everyone.

With that understanding, I created ThinQproduct – it’s about mind and action.

ThinQ is ok, but why product? Good question. It’s because `taking action’ is not about some donkey work, but about CREATING.

So, here you will learn the secrets of your mind – how to focus and use your creativity to build something.

When you start building something, it purifies your life of past regrets, negative influences and puts you in a forward motion – from success to greater success. It brings you self-respect, social recognition along with financial abundance.

ThinQproduct is being built to help you discover your inner craving for action and start acting in the right direction. It is about focusing your energy in creating a product or solution or reaching a goal.

How this website is designed

This website is divided into topics. Each topic will have a section, and all related contents will be categorized like in a book and interlinked, helping you browse through easily.

How to get started

Begin with reading the blog section. And you can write to me at raghavendra@thinqproduct.com

With Love,


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