Content Marketing

Content marketing has two main purposes:

  1. To build your website into an authority that helps your present and potential customers.
  2. To develop a domain authority for key products and services you provide.

Claiming authority

You may already have a comprehensive HELP section and a robust customer care system.

But the Help section is only a quick reference guide and answers only Frequently Asked Questions briefly.

What customers want a detailed step-by-step guide? Or if they want to know the complete features and benefits of your product or service?

Content marketing solves these problems. When there’s a comprehensive long-form content on your website, the content does most of the work of your customer care section.

And also, where do you think your customers should go if they want to know in detail about your product or service? Google and go to some external website? Or to go to your platform (directly by typing your domain name) and get their answers? 

The more authoritative content you have on your website, the more your customer or your potential customer (the one looking to buy) trusts you. 

That’s how you claim authority on the Internet for whatever product or service you provide.


Domain authority

Our content marketing strategy focuses on building a domain authority for your website. We just don’t write content, we SEO Optimize them to make your domain rank higher on Google.


The more people visit your website (either directly or through Google search), the higher Google ranks your website. That’s because you have the authority content for the keywords people search and their search intent.


This not only strengthens your domain authority but also builds customers’ trust. This content will continue to serve your customers for a long time.


At thinQproduct, we’re not just interested in creating volumes of content for you. We create a comprehensive SEO content marketing plan for long-term growth.


Write to us with your requirements and questions below:

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