You are looking at the mountain you are planning to hike. Suddenly, you remember the day when fell from the cycle for the first time.

And you will find fear taking birth in you. Should I hike? Or not!

Every time you take a new project, a hundred failures face you. Hundreds of faces that laughed at you every time you failed. They say you are going to fail again.

They either stop you from taking up a new venture or slow you down. And they continue to haunt you all through the process.

So, how to stop them?

This section deals with how to handle those psychological problems that stop you from taking up a project and complete it successfully.

In this section, you will learn about:

  • How to overcome past experiences
  • How to overcome negative thinking
  • How to shed the unnecessary things from life
  • How to focus on your goal
  • How to continue in the face of grave difficulties
  • How to keep a winning mindset always

And more…

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