Look at a mango tree – It produces thousands of fruits every year. It means thousands of possible offspring.

It does not care if all the seeds it produces turn into trees. But the tree continues to produce in huge numbers. And that is how it grows. That is what it lives for.

The tree adapts itself to environmental changes and waits for the right season to reproduce. But all its energy is focused on one thing – grow and reproduce.

Similarly, a catfish lays thousands of eggs in a season. Male and female catfish build a nest in a secluded place. The female lays eggs, and then the male sprays sperm to fertilize them. Later, they protect the eggs from predators. All through this process, they use their energy in the process of reproduction.

Even when birds and animals create astounding nests, again their creativity is limited to reproduction.

As human beings, we are also capable of creating a large number of offsprings. But, we are born with the capabilities which are not limited to just reproduction.

We are capable of creating great things. And there is an innate desire in all of us to create. That is how we grow – personally, financially and as human beings.

But, are we using our creative drive in a right direction? Or to the maximum extent of our capacity?

If not, how to use it for our own benefits and for the benefit of the society?

That is what you will learn here.

This section helps you leverage your creativity towards creating better products.

What is creativity?

Creativity is an innate desire in you to create. To create something that is complete in form. When you complete it, you feel an inner completeness, a fulfilment.

Creativity in itself is fulfilment. As a kid, you create a sand-castle, and it is so fulfilling.

But, as you grow, you wish to create bigger things. It is an innate desire to look for new things. To do things that are not done yet.

There is no limit to creativity. The more you explore, the more wish to explore. It is a continuous expansion of your consciousness. It is blissful

How to be creative?

We all are accustomed to routines. From rising in the morning till sleeping in the night, almost everything we do is a routine.

And routine is what makes life boring. Same thing every day.

After a time, most of us are so accustomed to routines that, we are safe there. We don’t wish to explore.

But, there is a creative power within us always trying to flow out.

So, how do you let this creativity flow?

There are two things.

  • Things that your heart wants you to do – go out, travel to distant places, beaches, forests, explore.

  • The work that you do, to earn your livelihood. The first one is already creative. You don’t need anything to do about it. But, the second one is the most important part of your life. You need to bring creativity there.

So, how do you do it?

Any work you do, understand that there is a period of struggle. This period of struggle continues until you will experience creative juices flowing from within.

Once the creative juices begin to flow, any work you do it becomes magical.

Just go and observe people – people polishing shoes, cleaning the streets, working in crop fields – if they are looking happy, understand that there is creative juice flowing within them. That is the measure.

Doesn’t matter what you do, if you do it with full attention, you will find creative juices flowing from within.

If creative juices are not flowing, you will soon find the work to be boring and straining.

How to use your creativity to build useful products?

Building any product is a creative work – either it is a sand castle or an iPhone or a SpaceX Falcon.

But, as I said, there is a time of struggle. Everyone needs to pass that period. But, take it as a learning period.

And continue that process and soon you will find the creative juices oozing.

Think, write down, discuss – continue your efforts in the same direction. This is the way your let your creativity grow.