This doctor couldn’t see his patients suffer, so he built a plane

A veterinary doctor reaching out to help at uncommon hours and reaching remotest areas may be a common news, but it is rare when a vet visits neighbouring islands piloting a self-made plane.

Here is the story of Dr. Scott Sims, a vet in Kauai Island, who has not only changed the life of animals in the islands for better, but also made his life truly adventurous, reports the National Geographic.

When Dr. Scott Sims came to Kauai, the fourth largest island of Hawaii, a US state, both domestic and wild animals in the island was in terrible need of a veterinary doctor.

Since his transfer in 2002 to this island, this California based doctor has been trying out various methods to help the ailing animals.

Called as “Barefoot Vet” by the people for his habit of walking without shoes, Dr Scot travels to forest, rural areas and oceanic grounds – by horse, on ATV and sometimes on his plane – to visit his patients.

The only wet on the island, Dr. Scott will get to see at least 20 patients a day at his Pegasus Veterinary Clinic. He has two assistants, Dia and Ella, who help him handle variety of animals. When people ask him what he does for his vacation, he says: “I live it, every day”.

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